Australian meat exports, Landfa, Australia

Q. What trading terms are available?
A. Generally, we do not offer new customers any special trading terms. However, after sustained orders, payment terms of up to 60 days may be available.

Q. How do I organise freight?
A. Landfa will organise freight for you and charged to our clients at cost.

Q. What will freight cost?
A. Freight costs depend on the volume of goods ordered. We recommend you order a minimum of approximately 1,300 kg for any one shipment (airfreight). Obviously, for larger orders shipped in 20- or 40-foot containers, the cost of freight per kilogram is greatly reduced.

Q. How will goods be delivered?
A. All items are sent overseas in 20-30 kilogram fibre carbon boxes.

Q. What lead time is needed for an order?
A. Generally a lead time of between 2-3 weeks will be needed for any one order. However, the lead time needed before a shipment is sent depends upon a number of factors, including the size of the order and whether or not the produce is frozen.

Q. What is the origin of all your product lines?
A. All our products are 100% Australian.

Q. What type of meats do you export?
A. Landfa exports both grass fed and grain fed beef, lamb and mutton meat.

Q. Have you experience in meat exportation?
A. Yes. Our company has a lot of experience in meat exportation and in international trade. We supply mainly to international meat wholesalers and international airlines.

Q. Do you export halal beef, lamb and mutton meat?
A. Yes! ALL our meat is 100% halal.

Q. Do you have an export price list?
A. We give quotes based on the type and quantity of beef, lamb and mutton ordered.

Q. Do you have a product catalogue?
A. Landfa is able to supply you with more detailed information about all our products on request. Just email us and ask for one of our brochures.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept cash up front, Documentary Credit (Irrevocable Letter of Credit) and we offer credit to customers who have established a long-term relationship with us.