Australian meat exports, Landfa, Australia

Landfa Australian Meat Exports are worldwide exporters of high quality Australian beef, lamb, veal, mutton and seafood. At Landfa, we have a clear understanding of the world meat market and our customers' needs.

Our business is based on the need to sell the very best quality produce and maintain our competitiveness when exporting across international borders, together with building long-term relationships with our customers, and we are dedicated to serving their needs at every level.

Lamb Specials
Lamb Leg Bone in Chump On Shank Tipped IW pack #4800
Lamb Shoulder Square Cut Bone In IW pack #4990
Mutton Shank Bone In Tipped LP pack #5030
Mutton Trunk Boneless Bulk pack #5041
Mutton Leg Bone in Chump On Shank Tipped IW pack #4800
Mutton Leg Boneless IW pack #5061
Total Volume is approximately 60,000 kg

Beef Specials
Minced Beef (70% Lean) #2580
Short Ribs (5 Rib) #1690
Total Volume is approximately 50,000 kg

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