Australian seafood exports, Landfa, Australia

Sometimes customers look for quality seafood as well as beef, lamb, mutton and veal. As such we are also able to source and consolidate shipments with seafood items such as rock lobster, salmon, shellfish and other types of seafood. For rock lobster, we can supply:

Whole Rock Lobster
We are able to supply both frozen whole raw and frozen whole boiled western rock lobster. For frozen whole raw lobster, these are gently placed in an ice slurry and then blast frozen in state-of-the-art snap freezers. This ensures that this sushimi-grade lobster retains its full flavour and texture for customers to enjoy.

For frozen whole boiled lobsters, these are produced to perfection in temperature-controlled cookers and then blast frozen. This ensures that the flavour and texture of the lobsters are retained until they are served to customers throughout the world.

The grades for whole rock lobster are:
GradeWeight (grams)Counts per Carton 10kg
A460 and under22+
G1141 and over8 and under

If you would like to order our seafood products, please don't hesitate to contact Pom who will arrange your order and shipment.